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Midwest Detox Working to Prevent Overdose and Help Addicts Recover

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Justin Ochmanek, Director of Operations for Ohio Detox Center, and Eric Trimm, lead BHT for Midwest Detox, were interviewed this morning for WTOL News 11 to discuss Narcan, overdoses, fentanyl, and a real solution to find and remain in recovery.

Eric Trimm discussed Narcan with WTOL. He shared that it’s safe and simple to administer, and how important it can be in saving someone who is overdosing. “It can save an addict when they’re on the brink of death, however it’s not a cure for addiction. Long term treatment is the greatest opportunity to longevity in sobriety.”

Justin Ochmanek discussed the effects of Narcan, and that it’s not a cure all for opioid addiction. Ochmanek believes that Narcan alone won’t be able to “just stop” the heroin epidemic. “It may stop the overdose deaths,” Ochmanek said, “but not the addiction problem. Addicts need long-term sustainable treatment with therapy, groups and to surround themselves with people doing the right thing. That is the key. It’s not a 30-day fix, it’s a longer process than that.”

However, the most important piece that is needed to get clean and sober is a person being willing, for someone to want to stop, and to want to learn a new way of life. The addiction is only masking the real problem, which can be worked on in therapy and groups.