Where the Midwest gets clean.

Midwest Detox Center, located in Maumee, Ohio, provides detox and inpatient treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. We are not a hospital-setting facility; we provide a healing environment so you can focus on your recovery away from any stresses or triggers. Midwest Detox is here to help you get clean, begin to find hope in recovery, and start building a life after addiction.

The idea behind Midwest Detox was born in Lucas County, Ohio, between recovering addicts keen to start fighting back against addiction and tired of seeing addicts who desired to get clean unable to connect with the right resources. What started in Toledo has grown immensely, growing through Lucas County, reaching Ottawa, Seneca and Wood counties until our reach has spread across Ohio and through the Midwest.

Clinical care is overseen by our Director of Clinical Services and nursing care is under Director of Nursing Natasha West. Around the clock medical supervision ensures your safety and comfort while you detox or begin our inpatient residential program. From directors to the front line staff, each team member bring their education, training and experience, from both inside and outside addiction. Many of our staff are in recovery. They have walked through the steps that you will be taking, and will be at your side through withdrawal, detox and early recovery.

Levels of Care


It’s your time to break the shackles of drug or alcohol dependence. Ending your physical addiction is the first step towards freedom.

Detoxification, or medical detox, is the removal of drugs from your system, and is the first step in building towards long term recovery.

Your custom detox protocol, designed and implemented by our team, will take care of your physical well-being as you work towards total rehabilitation: physical, mental and spiritual.

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Inpatient care begins once you are no longer physically dependent on drugs and alcohol. At this level we will engage a number of therapeutic modalities so you can build and use the skills needed for long term recovery.

Inpatient care allows you to take time away from your regular life, and implement an intensive, focused treatment plan built around your needs.

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Everyone's path into addiction is unique.

So must be their path to recovery. At Midwest Detox Center we do not use cookie cutter treatments. Every individual receives around the clock medical care as well as an individualized treatment plan that involves a combination of therapeutic modalities.

Facilities / Amenities

We provide high quality care, supported by our cutting-edge facilities and amenities that are available for every individual that comes through our doors. Our therapy spaces support your recovery, and we offer lounge and recreation areas to help deal with stress and ensure your comfort. Private and semi-private bedrooms allow for privacy, and we offer a number of recreational opportunities on site. Retreat to the Midwest Detox Center and begin rebuilding.

Meet the Midwest Detox family

  • Tanna Stricklen

    Clinical Therapist

  • Josh Dressel

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Kevin Falk, CDCA

    Intake Coordinator

  • Nicholas Streeter

    Discharge Coordinator

  • Morgan Fair MSW, LSW

    Primary Therapist

  • Tammy Battle, RN

    Director of Nursing

  • Stephanie Smith

    Case Manager

  • Olivia Ehret

    Clinical Director

  • Dr. Nancy Carroll

    Medical Director

  • Matt Bell

    Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer - Midwest Region

What it means to be an Amatus Managed Recovery Center

  • Person First Philosophy

    Our mission is to get you in the best facility that will allow you to heal and find long term recovery. Whether you enter one of our facilities or another facility, we will help everyone who contacts us find the appropriate place for them to heal.

  • National Footprint, Community Focus

    Our nationwide network of treatment centers and referral partners allows us to make an impact in multiple communities. We want every individual to thrive, and become a positive force in your community. We desire to help people and communities recover.

  • Facility and Treatment

    We are committed to providing the highest level of care, delivered in cutting-edge facilities designed to support your recovery. Every individual gets an individualized treatment plan, with the highest-level of care standards and quality.

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